Flowers & Weddings/Events

Canoe Creek Flowers are food for your spirit.  From May to October, we offer a wide variety of organically grown flowers and foliage full of vivid colors, unique textures, motion, fragrances, and a look that says these are fresh and real!

Where to find them

     The Decorah Farmers Market.  Saturdays, May- mid September look for bright, affordable bouquets at the Canoe Creek Produce farm stand.

     Iowa Food Hub online market.  Search under the Decorah Flower Hub farm stand for a bouquet from Canoe Creek Produce or other local flower growers.

     On Farm.  For pick your opportunities, email [email protected] to arrange a time. This can be for individuals, groups, DIY brides or fundraising events.

     Weddings and Special Events  I love weddings!  Seasonal flowers add a look that is unique and special to each wedding.  Flowers are a great addition to special events such as:  anniversaries, showers, community events, and more.  Email [email protected]. to secure a date and consultation.

Why Local and Organic flowers are important.

Most cut flowers are flown in from Central and South America, often grown under conditions of high inputs such as:  pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers in an already fragile ecosystem. Purchasing local organic flowers reduces carbon emissions, protects our native pollinators, birds, and waterways.  And, buying local provides an economic impact that stays in your community.

Local flowers for your special event
Midwest Bride Decorah Wedding